Fixing Gutter Overflow Issues

Keeping the building weather tight and code compliant by installing new PVC overflow scuppers to add required overflow to the existing gutters.

The existing internal gutter services water dispersal from a monopitch roof. While the dimensions of the gutter and the downpipe outlet at each end of the building are sufficient to cope with the volume of water off this roof calculated at peak flow, there was no overflow included in the design as required under the current building code for gutters of this type. As there is also no fall from the midpoint to each outlet this gutter was unable to cope with the volume of water during excessive or heavy rainfall and water is able to penetrate between the outer gutter fold and cap flashing and find its way out through the soffit or behind the cap flashing.


As a solution three new Allproof PVC overflow scuppers were fitted to the existing gutter.

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