School Hall’s flooring renovation

We have had the opportunity to renovate the parquet timber tiles floor of Northcote Intermediate School Hall.

 MAX STYLE has provided comprehensive Project Management with daily site visits and reporting during the whole flooring renovation project. Our subcontractors applied 3 coats of moisture-cured low sheen polyurethane (to match existing finish) and court markings for indoor basketball plus the addition of the school logo to the centre circle. These linemarkings and graphics were added between the second and third coats to seal them in and make them more scuff resistant. Our hard-wearing coatings will keep your school hall always looking fresh.

As with all of our projects Health and Safety is always our top priority. The site was isolated by our safety equipment and all the sanding and preparation work was completed with dust extraction equipment to minimise dust nuisance and keep the air quality to safe levels.

The whole flooring renovation project took a week to complete to allow enough time for drying in between the coats and court markings application.

A sports hall’s floor should be sanded and refinished every 10 years, however, if there is chipping or flaking of finish earlier than this , it might be time for light sanding and another top coat to freshen it up.

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