AUTEX Vertiface wall lining installations

AUTEX products have become the favorite choice of wall lining for classrooms, libraries, meeting rooms, and any other premises which can benefit from their great acoustic performance. The following projects included installing AUTEX Vertiface – a wall lining popular for its acoustic features and ability to be used as a pinboard.

The AUTEX Vertiface 3mm wall covering has been applied over the existing pinboard lining to the main Library Space, computer area, Quiet Room and Library Office of the Viscount Primary School.

St Anne’s Catholic Primary School has opted for installing AUTEX Vertiface wall lining to two of their classrooms. Similar to the Viscout Primary School – their current lining was in a good enough condition for us to be able to install the new lining over the top of the existing one.

This methodology saved substantial cost on material plus demolition costs to remove existing pinboard linings and any preparation required otherwise for application of 10 mm AUTEX Composition.

AUTEX Vertiface - pinboards with acoustic features

The proposed AUTEX Vertiface surface finish has a similar appearance to AUTEX Composition with the comparable acoustic benefit and ability to accept pins and staples. Both products are manufactured in New Zealand and come with no less than 10 years of Manufacturer’s Guarantee.

As with any other projects the work was carried based on site-specific Safety Plan. A temporary exclusion zone was established around the immediate vicinity of the work location, using barriers and appropriate signage to isolate the work area.

Installs like that can be done with very limited interruptions to the client’s workflow. In this case, we manage to complete the whole install within 3 working days.

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