Floating acoustic ceiling panels installation

High ceilings in the office often bring challenges to sound quality in the room. One of the best ways to reduce echo in the room is by installing floating acoustic ceiling panels.

Recently we had the privilege to work with the Catholic Diocese of Auckland on acoustic improvements in one of their offices. This historic, 19th-century building with tall ceilings makes a beautiful work environment but often misses the comfort of the new builds. The work we have done dramatically improved the room’s acoustic features.

We tackled the echo problem by installing Autex Horizon™ floating ceiling acoustic panels. The 30mm thick, 100% polyester fiber-made panels absorb the sound waves that cause echoes and hold space as a design feature.

Max Style company vehicle parked in front of Catholic Diocese of Auckland

The adjustable hanging system allows for easy height adjustments, which makes targeting multiple frequency levels very easy. The panels provide a long-term solution as they are durable, easy to remove and clean, and contain no carcinogens.

We have also lined part of the wall with Autex Composition panels to reduce the sound transfer to the neighboring office. This 10mm thick panel has excellent acoustic performance and maintains a rich, solid color and soft, velvety finish regardless of what life throws its way.

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autex composition wall liner
adjustable hanging system - acoustic panel

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