Annual Buildings Maintenance Program

Max Style is excited to offer you a unique service which we believe will save you considerable time and money, two important commodities we all experience a lack of all too often in today’s fast paced world.

10 Years Program


Take the stress out of planning.

Max Style will contact you each year around the same time to remind you that annual maintenance is due, BUT importantly we will not proceed with any works until it has been authorized and signed off by you. This gives you flexibility if for example some maintenance is able to be carried out “in house”.

save time by delegating your maintenance tasks to Max Style

NO Contract

Max Style will NOT ask you to sign a contract for the 10 year program.

We have sufficient confidence in the quality of service we can provide and strongly believe you should have the right to look elsewhere if for any reason our service is not up to your expectation.

no contract maintenance program


A full exterior paint of all buildings can be undertaken as 1 all up project, or alternatively spread over the program period as per the sample to spread cashflow.

Touch-up Maintenance

This is included in the plan every 5th year to cover critical areas e.g. entry/exit ways, seating, posts, etc., which suffer from wear and tear, plus elevations prone to more rapid deterioration due to excessive sun exposure.

Maintaining Warranties

Annual cleaning of roofs, exterior of buildings and gutters is included as this is vital in terms of maintaining warranties provided by all paint manufacturers (typically 7-10 years).


Please take the time to have a quick look at the PDF with sample plan for a typical small primary school. This document can be used as an accurate indication of projected costs as part of your maintenance budget proposals. It includes a small inflation adjustment of 3% after every 3 years.

Please get in touch if you would like us to carry out an assessment at your school and provide a program for you along similar lines to the PDF example.

Our Work

New Scuffers - Willowbank school stormwater maintenance project

Fixing Gutter Overflow Issues

Keeping the building weather tight and code compliant by installing new PVC overflow scuppers to add required overflow to the existing gutters.

Classroom refit - new AUTEX pinboard lining

Classroom Alterations

Removing walls, extending door openings, fitting new windows, installing new lights , flooring and new wall lining including the AUTEX Pinboard Lining.

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