AUTEX wall lining Installation

Max Style is an Experienced and Trusted Installer of AUTEX wall lining products: AUTEX Composition® and AUTEX Vertiface®

As an approved installer of the AUTEX acoustic wall lining products we have full knowledge of the product and installation procedure.

Our installation warranty  ensures you are protected and provides guarantee that AUTEX Vertiface® and AUTEX Composition® wall linings are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specified install instructions and customer requirements. All the work is carried based on site specific Safety Plan.
AUTEX manufacturers warranty

AUTEX Composition®

Composition is an acoustic fabric made in range of 40 colours that is designed to be installed in vertical drops as an acoustic wall covering.
It's specifically designed to reduce and control reverberated (echo) noise in building interiors.

The main features and benefits are:
  • Delivers excellent acoustic performance.
  • It’s pinnable, hook-and-loop receptive surface
  • You can mix colours from the huge range available to achieve a more modern vibrant feel to replace tired existing linings
  • It’s customizable for limitless branding and  design options through in-house cutting to create your own artistic interpretation
AUTEX Composition ® price:

AUTEX Composition supply and install starts from $90/sqm

AUTEX Composition:
Installation project Case Study

AUTEX Vertiface®

Vertiface is a multipurpose decorative fabric that has a wide range of applications from wall lining to covering furniture. It’s very popular for its acoustic performance. Vertiface accepts pins and needles and is often used for pinboards.

The main features and benefits are:
  • Hook-and-loop receptive for use as pinboards and noticeboards
  • Highly customizable – 40 colour choices, custom in-house cutting allows for unlimited design options
  • All AUTEX products are New Zealand made
AUTEX wall covering - Vertiface -green and black- classroom
AUTEX Vertiface: Installation project Case Study

AUTEX Composition® and AUTEX Vertiface®:
​Technical data


100% polyester needle punched, thermally bonded wall covering


AUTEX Composition: 10-12mm, AUTEX Vertiface: 3-4mm

Suitable applications:

Pinboards and acoustic wall lining. Accept pins and staples. AUTEX Vertiface and AUTEX Composition  is suitable for indoor use only.

Organic emissions:

Autex polyester has been tested for chemical emissions in accordance with ASTM D5116 and is considered as a low VOC product. VOC concentration: 0.009 mg/m3 (7 days)

Colour fastness:

Dependent on use and exposure to light. Vertiface and Composition have been evaluated to the ISO 105-B02:2014 standard – Rating: 6 (Highest = 7)

What our customers say

AUTEX Composition® wall lining Installation

This video provides a bit of insight into AUTEX wall lining installation. It has been taken during refurbishing walls in service rooms and classrooms of Cornwall Park Primary School. AUTEX Composition not only looks great, but it also comes with great acoustic benefits, dramatically reducing the noise levels.

Other AUTEX Products available: AUTEX HORIZON®

Autex Horizon are floating acoustic panels made of 3 layers of AUTEX Composition. They work as high-performance acoustic absorber and can be installed on ceilings and walls without the need for clear space.

AUTEX Horizon:
Installation project Case Study

AUTEX Horizon: acoustic floating ceiling panels installation

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