Property Services for Schools

max style company car at school premises

Renovation and maintenance of school properties are Max Style’s specialty service. You can rely on our expertise backed up by 30 years of experience in the industry. We are all about building long term relationships based on high quality workmanship and an excellent customer service.

MAX STYLE is capable of handling ANY of your property requirements from maintenance, repairs and renovations to even large construction projects.

All in One

We manage the whole project from A to Z including all the Health and Safety procedures and warranties. It’s a very versatile and hassle free service saving you time and reducing stress dealing with lots of individual contractors.

Sorting Out The Priorities And Keeping Your Warranties

Our Maintenance work schedule will specify what needs to be done based on the highest priority work orders. Included is a list of tasks to be done to maintain your existing warranties (like painting warranty etc.)

High Quality Workmanship

Our industry proven team of highly skilled professionals will do an excellent job while following all the healthy and safety requirements.

100% Health and Safety Compliant

Health and safety are at the top of MAX STYLE’s priority list. We put a lot of emphasis on implementing the right health and safety procedures and being health and safety compliant This video is a quick overview of all the equipment we use on-site to protect the well-being of our employers, visitors, and customers.

More information on our services:

Our Work

New Scuffers - Willowbank school stormwater maintenance project

Fixing Gutter Overflow Issues

Keeping the building weather tight and code compliant by installing new PVC overflow scuppers to add required overflow to the existing gutters.

Classroom refit - new AUTEX pinboard lining

Classroom Alterations

Removing walls, extending door openings, fitting new windows, installing new lights , flooring and new wall lining including the AUTEX Pinboard Lining.

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